Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Call Me Lazarus

    I'm back from the dead to report on what a pathetic attempt at a blog this is.  Not one post in over a year now.  Well, ok, it really doesn't matter, since no one but myself and God read it anyway.  But still, as the old Pink Floyd song says, I thought I'd something more to say.
    I just don't seem to find time to write anymore.  It cuts into my television schedule.  Yes, that's right, television and I have rekindled our devilish romance.  But I promise to write more about that later.  Or I should probably say sooner.  Because doing things "later" is what caused the extended period of inactivity on this microscopic slice of the information superhighway.
    So I promise (to whom, I have no idea; maybe just to myself) to write more often and let everyone know what the heck is going on with my now defunct "Off the Air Experiment", as well as other areas of my, oh so mundane, existence.
    Until then, keep those cards and letters (not) coming.